5 Ways to Style Cream Colour

Love the colour but don’t quite know how to go about styling it? 

Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve listed 5 ways to style this trendy colour, and trust us when we say it really isn’t tough at all.

Pull out those cream outfits & let’s get this look working! 



Denim has been in trend… since forever! It’s always effortless and fits just right in, so number one, match your cream fits with denim. (Lighter washes do look a little cuter than dark washed denim, we feel!)


If you have a loose fitting denim bottom, pair it with a fitted bodice cream top for a casual comfy look. To take the look up an extra notch, pair it with a denim jacket. 


FREYJA's Picks: 

Ouisa Basic Toga Top in Nude

Aylin Ripped Boyfriend Denim



Absolutely NOTHING can go wrong when you match cream shades with white. If a calm aesthetic is your thing, the cream + white will translate into a sense of luxury.


On your next getaway, try pairing your cream bottom with a white top. Vice versa, a cream top and white bottom totally works too! Further elevate your look by throwing over a cream or white colour outerwear.


FREYJA's Picks: 

Abel Cotton Joggers in Nude 

Yale Pullover Hoodie in White



Is your wardrobe filled with rich and warm colours like brown, bronze and beige? With these shades of the same family, all you have to do is combine them to create a chic and dynamic look. 


We recommend a cream crochet top with high-waisted brown shorts for a hot day. If you have a brown or cream pantsuit set (Looove!), put on a cream coloured inner top and we promise it will seamlessly complete the look.


FREYJA's Picks: 

Iris Batik Wrap Top

Sirene Paperbag Trench Skirt

Benazir Satin Longline Cardigan in Taupe

Thia Wool Trim Pants in Brown

Kit Cropped Camisole in Beige

Riko Wrap Knit Sweater in Cream

Elvenia Knit Bodycon Midi Skirt in Nude



We don’t wanna miss out on the fun of textured materials. Opt for wearing your cream fits in texture for a vibe and a half! If you think the colour cream isn’t enough to make sure your outfit’s a stunner, wearing it with texture absolutely will.


Give that fashion lewk an extra boost with cream coloured textured materials like feather, ruching, mesh, quilts and more.


FREYJA's Picks: 

Phelipe Quilted Joggers in Off-White

Dayna Ruched Skirt in Nude



Life is colourful and so should your outfit be. Guess what shade goes well with loads of colours? That’s right babes, it's Cream again. 


Statement making hottie? Pair red with cream. 

Cutie’s your thing? Try pink and cream. 

Zen girlboss? Try sage green and cream.


FREYJA's Picks:

Kless Sweatpants in Hot Pink

Kit Cropped Camisole in Beige

Aqha Balloon Sleeve Top in Olive Green 

Lowes Belted Pants in Nude


Go forth and set the streets on fire in cream, FREYJA Babes. Let us know what styles you’d like us to feature next!